Why Choose It Works Learning Center?

Flexible Schedules

We offer day and evening schedules. Programs offered every month at your convenience

Easy Step by Step Process

Register in 4 easy steps:
1. Come to an Information Session
2. Fill out an application
3. Pay $50 to reserve your seat
4. Take a Math and Reading Test

Multiple Locations

We offer 3 locations in Baltimore City. West Baltimore and North Baltimore. All of our locations are bus accessible.

Top Rated Instructors

All of our instructors are registered nurses, who have experience working in long term care.

Payment Plans Available

Choose between our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payment plans. These payment plans allow you to pay while you take the class.

Lifetime Job Assistance

Lifetime Job Assistance is included in your tuition. We also offer a Semi-Annual Job Fair.

Unlimited Skills Reviews

Unlimited Skills Reviews included in your tuition. These skills reviews prepare you for the GNA examination.

On-Site GNA Exam Location

We have an on-site location for the GNA exam. This exam is required to obtain a GNA certification.

Knowledgeable Administrative Staff

Our highly trained administrative staff is available by phone or email to answer any questions.

What Makes Us Different

  • Lifetime Job Assistance
  • Celebrating 20 Years in Business
  • No High School Diploma Required
  • Licensed by the Maryland Board of Nursing


Send us a message to receive more information.