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It Works CNA/GNA Tuition & Fees

It Works is not a "free school" and we do not offer "financial aid," but we do have several pay-as-you-go no-interest payment plans. If you are not in a position to pay our tuition and fees right now, maybe there is someone that believes in what you want to do with your life and how you want to get there. It can't hurt to ask.

It Works is not a Title IV school, therefore we do not offer federal financial aid. We do not have a FAFSA Federal School Code and we do not qualify for Pell Grants. Even if you previously qualified for financial aid with another school, you can not use it to pay It Works' tuition and fees. However, we do offer several pay-as-you-go no-interest plans. If we do not offer a plan that works for you, please give us a call at (410) 626-0200 and tell us what you have in mind. We can not discount our tuition or honor requests that create sizable past due balances during the class or after graduation.

At It Works, you will only be in school for two or three times each week for 9-13 weeks. We have classes for just about everyone's schedule. In a matter of months, you can complete our CNA/GNA class, get your licenses and be ready to start work. All this in just a fraction of the time and without those expensive Title IV school programs. Plus, you won't risk being left with a big school loan. That's why "It Works!"

We accept all forms of payment.

CNA/GNA Tuition - Price: $1,800.00

Your tuition includes all books and supplies, 100 hours of lecture and skills training, 40 hours of clinical rotation, lab fees, clinical fees, graduation fees, unlimited GNA review classes and lifetime job placement! If you are not paying your tuition in full, we offer several pay as you go plans.

$50.00 Registration Fee - Secures your seat in the class

$350.00 First Class - Minimum payment requirement for release of books and supplies

$1,400.00 Balance - Payable as follows:
$175 weekly - 8 payments
$350 bi-weekly/every other week - 4 payments, odd or even week payments
$600 monthly - 3 payments

NOTE: Scrubs are not included. You may wear any color or pattern of scrubs in class. White scrubs are required for graduation.

Drug & PPD Screens - Price $60.00

If you do not already have a current drug screen/urine toxicology report that is less than 30 days old and a Tuberculosis/PPD screen (purified protein derivative) that is less than 6-9 months old, you will need to get them both done - no exceptions! We contract with a private company that will come to the classroom to provide these services at a discounted rate of $35.00 for the drug screen and $25.00 for the PPD.

CPR Certification - Price $60.00

If you do not already have your American Heart Association or Red Cross "Healthcare Provider" or "Basic Life Support" CPR, we will schedule a licensed CPR trainer to provide the necessary training and certification, during one of your scheduled class times.

State Licensing & Testing Fees - Price $175.00 ($195.00 for Renewal)

After you graduate, you will need to complete the state license process and pay the necessary fees listed below. We will be happy to assist you with this process.

$50.00 Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) - Background and Fingerprinting

$20.00 Maryland Board of Nursing - CNA License Fee ($40.00 for renewals)

$105.00 American Red Cross - GNA Testing Fee (Recommended for all graduates)

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